On a winter’s night in 1855, something terrible came to town.

When the residents of a small rural community in Devon, England awake to find the footprints of a two legged, cloven-hoofed beast left in the snow, rumours soon turn to fear, fear turns to hysteria and a mild mannered baker named Jim Crawford finds himself torn between old superstitions and new reason as he is thrust into battle against the evil at the very heart of the town.

Based on the true story of the devil’s footprints, The Devil’s Walk is a supernatural suspense thriller about fear, fundamentalism and the creatures that roam the night as the town around them sleeps.

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mbsThere is a house in London that hides a terrible secret. By the winter of 1879, it had stood alone for quite some time. Its doors were locked, its windows were shuttered.

That year, a family would move into the house that was known as the “Most Haunted in all of London.”  What they uncover within those walls – from the kitchen where the servants toil, to the bedrooms where the family sleep, to the attic where awful things were said to have happened, would prove to be more horrifying than anything they could have imagined.  Inspired by the stories of the haunting of 50 Berkeley Square, comes a terrifying tale of murder, madness and an unspeakable presence that is drawing ever closer.

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In the autumn of 1888, a monster is stalking the streets of London, and leaving broken and mutilated bodies in its wake.

This monster would never be caught, but the world would come to know him as Jack the Ripper; the most famous serial killer in history.

With unprecedented accuracy, “1888” tells the epic tale of his bloody reign over London, with a completely new spin on an old story.

In a city gripped by fear, the world’s most notorious killer is about to be unmasked.

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RSFIn the spring of 1906, a young Englishman arrives in San Francisco at the request of his wealthy uncle.

Once there, Hugh Brimley finds himself at the heart of a murder investigation, where it seems that almost anybody in this vast and beautiful city could be responsible – from political radicals, to corrupt policemen; from the pampered rich, to the desperately poor.

All the while, deep beneath the earth on which San Francisco rests, an almighty rupture is about to occur that will become known as the greatest natural disaster in American history – and will leave an entire city in ruins.

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