The Bristol Murders are a new series of books by Charlie Revelle-Smith

Charlie writes

“It was always going to be Bristol. There had been touches of my home city in previous books but the setting for this story could really have been nowhere else; many crime writers have based their stories in a single city; Rebus has his Edinburgh, Morse has his Oxford and of late, Strike seems to have taken London but Bristol remains relatively untouched as far as murder mysteries are concerned. I love this city for its architecture, its strange shape means a gorge rips the city in two and how seven hills shape the terrain of this urban sprawl. I love the waterways and nonsensical streets. I love the sound of the city on a weekend night; the sounds of things happening, of debauchery and hedonism. Above all else though, I truly love the people. We’re a good lot down here in Bristol.”

Four books are planned in the series, the first of which, Gallows Humour, has already been published on Amazon Kindle

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